There are subtle ways we functionally abandon Scripture’s authority. We’ve been looking at those over the past few weeks. 

Way #4: Reading books about the Bible more than one reads the Bible

When it’s stated like this, it’s a head-scratcher. But for how many of us, is this true? 

Spending more time reading books about the Bible than reading the actual Bible is like reading books about cooking, but never actually eating. That might provide you with some sort of satisfaction, but the actual benefit is illusory. 

Make no mistake, reading books about the Bible, that teach the Bible, that explicate the Bible, is a good thing to do. I believe the best books are an outworking of Ephesians 4. But reading books about the Bible is not the same as reading the Bible.

One of the reasons we do this is it’s easier to read books about the Bible than to read the Bible thoughtfully enough to the point where the best benefit is actually experienced. We believe the Bible has many human authors, but one divine author behind them all. If God is behind the composition of the Bible, the Bible was written by a genius that makes Einstein look like a babbling six-month old. Any literary work generated by this kind of genius is going to take work to mine for its gold. 

So how are you doing? Are you reading the Bible more than you’re reading other books?

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