The Brian Dainsberg Podcast Ancestral Guilt and Corporate Repentance

Are human beings culpable for sins their ancestors committed? Within the critical theory ecosystem is the notion of ancestral guilt which answers this question in the affirmative. How does this stand up to the scrutiny of Scripture? Resources: https://shenviapologetics.com/

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The Brian Dainsberg Podcast Critical Theory: Doctrine & Biblical Critique

Critical Theory has “doctrine” to it; fundamental tenets that shape the ideology. This episode will explore its doctrine and offer a biblical response to it.  Resources: https://shenviapologetics.com/ Confronting Justice without Compromising Truth – Thaddeus Williams Live Not By Lies – Rod Dreher

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The Brian Dainsberg Podcast Critical Theory: History

Critical Race Theory (CRT) has received quite a bit of attention over the recent months. CRT fits under the broader umbrella of Critical Theory (CT), which has a rich and lengthy history. This episode will seek to trace the genealogy of this much talked about ideology.

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