The Brian Dainsberg Podcast IVF

In vitro fertilization has been in the news lately. It could be argued it's a subject the church fell asleep on. So, as Christians, how shall we think about this? Resources:

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The Brian Dainsberg Podcast How to See the World – Part 2

Critical theory. Cancel culture. Abortion. Racism. Transgenderism. Politics. All these subjects have been addressed in the Brian Dainsberg Podcast. This episode builds on February's episode by providing a starting point for evaluating ideas such as these that may come our way. Consider this a crash course in seeing the world through the lens of Scripture.

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The Brian Dainsberg Podcast Does Science Disprove Christianity?

Can you be an intelligent scientific thinker and still believe in God? Or has science “killed God?” There are limitations to science some people may not be aware of. This podcast will cover four of those. Resources: The Reason for GodĀ – Tim Keller Reasonable Faith: Christian Truth and ApologeticsĀ – William Lane Craig

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