Rest. You probably want or need more of it. You’re tired of the rat race. You always seem to be proceeding full-throttle. But resting…easier said than done? 

I spent some time reflecting on this over the holidays – which was a time of rest for me. Out of this time of restful contemplation came a couple of biblical truths that I think will help you rest.

First, God is ruler – you are not. In Hebrews 1:3, we’re told Jesus sustains all things through his powerful word. Jesus sustains all things. You don’t. Therefore, you can let go of some things. You don’t always have to be “on.” Do you realize that when you rest, you are making a positive declaration about God? You are saying, “God is ruler, I am not. I trust him to rule the universe and my life better than I ever could.” Whether or not you believe this is tested in your ability to rest.

Second, God is hero – you are not. When God reiterates the need for Israel to rest on the Sabbath in Deuteronomy 5, he uses his rescue of them from Egyptian captivity as the basis for it. You might think you need to keep going. Another person, another situation, another some-thing-or-other needs rescuing, but in reality, you aren’t the hero – God is. But when we rest, we make another statement about God. We are saying, “God is the hero of my life’s story. He does the rescuing.”

So before you go to sleep tonight, remember, that night’s R.E.M. is a reminder God is ruler and hero – you are not. Sleep well!

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