Life is liking walking through a minefield. You never know what the next step will have in store for you. However, the book of Proverbs is like having a map showing you where all the mines have been placed; “step here, step there, don’t step over here…” While often overlooked, I wonder if we Christians would actually enjoy life more if we paid closer attention to the map contained within the book of Proverbs. Here are five proverbs I pray more Christians will pay closer attention to. 

1. “Fools show their annoyance at once; but the prudent overlook an insult” (Prov. 12:16).

We are far too easily offended. Insults are plentiful in a fallen world. It’s worth it to work at not being so easily annoyed by such things.

2. “The one who has knowledge uses words with restraint, and whoever has understanding is even-tempered” (Prov. 17:27).

Did you see that? Use words with restraint. There’s something to be said for not talking too much. See also Proverbs 29:20!

3. “Gracious words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones” (Prov. 16:24).

If you do speak, let them be “gracious words” that edify and build up other people.

4. “Choose my instruction instead of silver, knowledge rather than choice gold, for wisdom is more precious than rubies, and nothing you desire can compare with her” (Prov. 8:10-11).

It’s better to be wise than rich. It’s better to steeped in Scripture than to fill your financial portfolio to overflowing.

5. “In a lawsuit the first to speak seems right, until someone comes forward and cross-examines” (Prov. 18:17).

This has application beyond the world of litigation. We should work at being able to see multiple points of view with equal clarity. We are far too quick to jump to conclusions without first gathering all the data.

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