I’ll be away at a conference this week, so I won’t be posting any original material. However, I thought I’d give you a sampling from around the web. There are some very pertinent and helpful gems in this list. Happy reading…and reflecting!

7 Reasons Sports Matter So Much to So Many: Barnabas Piper writes, “Last week the baseball hall of fame announced their 2016 inductees, the NCAA Football championship game is fast approaching, and the NFL playoffs begin. Combine that with the NBA and NHL seasons and college basketball hitting mid-season stride and sports is near to peak excitement…With the fervor at such a pitch I couldn’t help but wonder why. Why do sports matter so much to so many?”

What’s Going on at Wheaton?: Some of you may be familiar with the happenings at Wheaton College. It stems from the quintessential question of: do Christians and Muslims worship the same God? Justin Taylor’s article is the best I’ve read on this issue.

Nine Surprises in Worship Services that Made Guests Return: What causes new people to come back to a church they visited? This isn’t a question only for pastors. Anybody who’s interested in seeing their church grow will want to think through this question. Thom Rainer helps us do that.

Should We Pray for ISIS to be Defeated or Converted?: The question is clear. How should we think about it?

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