In my last post, I contend that a God who is infinitely more powerful than me would also be infinitely more knowledgeable than me. So if God is infinitely knowledgeable, why couldn’t he have morally sufficient reasons for allowing evil that I can’t think of? Just because I can’t think of any, doesn’t mean an infinitely knowledgeable God doesn’t have any. In the end, to believe that a truly good and all-powerful God exists in a world of evil and suffering requires humility.

Consider an illustration. Think of little children and their relationship to their parents. Three-year-olds cannot understand most of the reasons a parent may allow or disallow certain things. But they are capable of truly knowing and understanding their parents’ love for them in spite of this deficit. The difference between God and human beings is infinitely greater than the difference between a thirty-year-old parent and a three-year-old child. This ought to show us that while we may not understand all the reasons God allows or disallows certain things, through the cross of Jesus Christ we can know God’s love in a very real and deep way.

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