One of the reasons you may lack contentment is that you’re not giving enough away. Enough money. Enough time. Enough skill and energy. Let me explain…

If I use a glass jar to pound in a nail, I’ll quickly find out two things. First, the nail won’t go into the wood. Second, the jar will break when I use it for that purpose. A glass jar wasn’t built to pound in nails. That’s not it’s “telos”.

A “telos” is the intrinsic purpose for something. The “telos” of a glass jar is to hold things like homemade jam. That’s what a glass jar was built to do. Only when it’s fulfilling its intended “telos” will the jar “experience” contentment.

The same is true of human beings. Part of our “telos” is to be givers more so than receivers. How do I know that? It’s starts with what God is like. 

God created.
God speaks.
God loves.
God redeems.
God sends.
God saves.

And we are made in his likeness – to share in the family resemblance. Which means our “telos” is to resemble the generosity of God. Stinginess leads to emptiness. Generosity leads to fulfillment. 

Dissatisfied with life? Try giving away more: money, time, skill, and energy.

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