Picture being a farmer who grows a number of crops during the course of a year. This is your livelihood. Now, as a farmer, read this verse:

Honor the Lord with your wealth,
   with the firstfruits of all your crops. – Proverbs 3:9

Why would this verse be very difficult for a farmer to handle? Well, it has to do with the term “firstfruits”. Firstfruits are what you harvest…you guessed it…first. The very first crop to be harvested during the growing season are your firstfruits. The verse is saying God wants you to give from your firstfruits. This is kind of crazy. Why? Because as a farmer, you don’t know what the rest of the growing season will be like. 

Conventional wisdom would say, “Save the harvest from the firstfruits and give once you’ve got some crops stockpiled.” That’s not how God wants us to give. “Firstfruits” giving is sacrificial and trusting in God’s provision. It’s living life on the edge.

Here’s to “firstfruits” giving!

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