Jacob is a prodigal. He’s on the run from God and his family. He’s burned bridges. He’s soured relationships because of his deception. He’s alone. God feels remote. And Jacob isn’t pursuing God. He’s not crying out to God.

Some of you have been, are, or have someone in your life who is in a similar spot. I want to offer you hope through Jacob’s story. 

You would think this would be the time Jacob comes to his senses and tries to mend things with his family. But he doesn’t. Though he’s alone and penniless, Jacob doesn’t take one step towards God before God powerfully invades his life and transforms this fugitive into a worshiper. 

This is why God’s grace is so amazing and startling. What makes grace grace is that it will blindside you. You won’t see it coming. God’s grace isn’t something we meet in the middle. It’s not something we negotiate for. God wields it sovereignly. And when he chooses to unleash it into a prodigal’s life it will have lasting impact.

Be hopeful. Your prodigal is not out of God’s reach.

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