They are everywhere.

Life without them would be…well…confusing.

Think about how pervasive language is. Just today, I used language in the preparation of a sermon. I used it to correspond with dozens of individuals. I used language to give an instruction to a fellow staff person in our church. 

Not only is language pervasive, it’s powerful. It accomplishes things. A word of encouragement you gave someone today will be uplifting to them and put wind in their sails. A word of criticism, on the other hand, will drain their strength and cause them to question themselves.

Language is pervasive and it’s powerful. Why? I believe the Bible answers that question in its first chapter. 

How could have God created the cosmos? Probably any way he saw fit. He chose to use language to create the universe. The moment God chose to speak the galaxies and lifeforms into existence, he gave to words an inherent power and dignity that is meant to be stewarded wisely. We are meant to value them. Cherish them. Enjoy them. Use them for God-honoring means and ends.

So what did you do with God’s gift of language today? What will you do with God’s gift of language tomorrow?

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