This Sunday we’ll conclude a short sermon series on the book of Job. Even though the subject of suffering is a dark one, Job is able to find hope. In the midst of excruciating pain, he is able to confidently declare: “I know that my Redeemer lives, and that in the end he will stand on the earth…I myself will see him with my own eyes.” (Job 19:25, 27). Because we have a Redeemer who overcame the worst suffering imaginable, ours is a hopeful future.

Over Christmas I was able to have coffee with Brian Reith or as many people know him “B.Reith“. Brian is a gifted musical artist with a knack for writing melodies that get stuck in your head – in a good way! Even better, he has a tender heart towards God. Brian’s song “How the Story Ends” is very fitting for those enduring suffering. I encourage you to listen to it…and go buy his music!

I know how the story ends and it’s good
It’s good
So much better than the way it all began
Oh but, I know it gets rough in the middle
Swimming up a stream, surviving seems impossible
But I know that’s what makes the end so good

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