Discontentment occurs when what I want and how it is are different. When there is gap between how things really are in my life and how I want them to be, discontentment often thrives. Let’s get to part of the solution to discontentment. Let’s talk about THE key ingredient that makes contentment come alive: faith.

Maybe your discontentment is over your financial situation. You wish things were different for you financially. And this wish for something different has created a deep sense of discontentment in your life. Well, discontentment ALWAYS reveals something about what you believe about God. In this case, your discontentment over your financial situation is a way of saying, “God has dropped the ball in providing for me what is good.” Or “God hasn’t gotten my life right.” At the root of these statements is unbelief. 

Faith, trusting God’s ordering of your life, possesses the inherent power to silence our doubts and scatter our fears. When I believe my life is the way it is because a loving God is behind it, that is faith. And faith creates composure. Faith creates rest for the soul. Faith quiets the mind and stills the heart.

A restless soul is a faithless soul. A restful soul is a faith-filled soul.

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