Humility goes a long way in nurturing us to a state of contentment. It is pride that stirs the waters until the foam of discontentment is unmistakably present. Today we’ll think about one sign of each. 

Sign of Discontentment: complaining

The malcontent is ever complaining of one’s condition. Rather than deploying the calming power of trust in an all-powerful and all-loving God, the discontented person, fueled by distrust, is able to produce a lengthy list of complaints. The inability to find rest ushers forth endless criticisms and fault-finding. 

Sign of Contentment: thankfulness

The contented person, however, through faith in God’s providential rule, draws the mind’s eye to the many undeserved blessings already enjoyed. Chief among these is God’s grace in the saving life and death of Jesus Christ. While the thankful may still deal with trouble, their focus remains on the riches of God’s love expressed in countless ways.

So monitor this in yourself. Are you known by others for being a complainer or one who overflows with gratitude?

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