The term ‘Christian’ is now a voter bloc. Did you know that? This is another example of how people can come to a faulty understanding of what a word means. Because ‘Christian’ has been absorbed into the political parlance, there are many folks who think they know what being a ‘Christian’ is, but sadly, the definition they’re operating under is a bad one. So my appeal is simple: please make sure you understand the correct definition of ‘Christian’. If you’re not sure, take the time and energy to investigate it. Why?

Imagine you get a letter from the IRS saying they owe you a million dollars in back-taxes. At the bottom of the letter, the IRS has given you instructions on how to claim your money. What are you thinking? If you’re anything like me, you’re thinking, “I haven’t paid a million dollars in taxes, so why would they owe me that much?” I would probably assume they either made a mistake or someone is playing a cruel joke on me. But I’m pretty confident there’s one thing I wouldn’t do with that letter: I wouldn’t shred it. Why? The magnitude of the claim the letter makes is too big for me to take that risk. What if the letter is legit? If I shred it, I will have lost out on a million bucks!

The magnitude of the claims Jesus makes are too big for you to assume you understand what being a Christian means. The magnitude of the claims Jesus makes demand you spend some quality time and energy investigating who Jesus is, what he’s said, and what he’s done.

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