Job is one of the most read stories in all the world even to this day. You know the story. Job is a very godly man whom God himself speaks highly of. God permits Satan to ravage Job’s life. Once wealthy, he becomes impoverished. He loses everything. Once blessed with ten children, all ten are taken from him in death. Though innocent, Job remains loyal, obedient, and trusting in his God. He holds onto God even in the darkest of times. At the end of the story, God blesses Job with twice as much as he had before.

Jesus is the true and better Job. Though infinitely innocent, Jesus suffers for your sin and my sin losing the love of his Father. Though he was rich, for our sake he became poor. Through it all, he never flinches. Through it all, he never throws in the towel. Through it all, he remains steadfast in his love for his Father. At the end of the story, not only is Jesus’ wealth and blessing multiplied, one day he will lavish with wealth and blessing those who have chosen to follow him.

The Bible is not a collection of isolated stories, but a single, unified story ultimately about Jesus Christ. 

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