Have you ever had that dream where a relative you didn’t even know you had dies and leaves you some money? Maybe that’s just me. Well, imagine that happened. But for a variety of reasons you never really look into it because you assume it’s going to be just a few bucks. When you finally get around to it however, you discover you’ve been left a fortune! While you’re thankful for it, you’re kind of wallowing in regret because you didn’t realize you were sitting on a gold mine. 

Sometimes I think that’s what we do with the Bible. We know it’s there, but we don’t realize we’re sitting on a gold mine. So instead of tapping into our fortune that possesses the power to change our lives, we continue to settle for the lint-encased change jingling around in our pockets. Our lives could be so much more if we only knew what we had in our possession. Don’t waste another day! Your treasure awaits!

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