We ALL feel the pressure to impress. I feel it. You feel it. We all feel it. In Genesis 27, Jacob felt the same. So much so he went to great lengths to impress his father. The method he used, is one we use frequently – whether or not we realize it is another issue. 

Jacob’s problem is our problem: who we are most naturally isn’t who we need to be if we’re going to get blessed by God and those whose opinions we value most. So what we do? We dress up. We try to become someone else; someone more “blessable.” 

Some of us literally dress up on Sundays and paste a smile on our faces as a clever disguise. All to hide who we really are and what we’re really struggling with.

Some of us dress ourselves up through the vehicles we drive, the social circles we hang with, and the neighborhoods we live in.

Some of us dress up for social media. Heaven forbid if someone on Instagram saw the real me.

I don’t know about you, but I’m exhausted by this stupid game. Is there a way to end it?

This is where God’s love and grace can provide you with deep healing. On the cross, Jesus took the curse we deserved so that we can get the blessing he deserved. When I come helplessly to God and admit who the real me is and plead for his blessing, he gives it. Not because I’m impressive, but because he’s an impressive God. The game ends. You are blessed. You are favored. You are approved.

Friend, know this full well: “If you have the smile of God, all other frowns are inconsequential!”

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