The book of Ecclesiastes is occupied with the question: is there a thing in the universe that can satisfy the human heart? Up to this point, the professor has tried things like pleasure, laughter, advancement, and education, but has declared these things to fall short of providing the good life.

In chapter 5, he turns to church, but shows us it’s possible to make church every bit as meaningless as the above mentioned. How? By approaching church thoughtlessly, treating “it” inconsiderately, and participating selfishly.

When we approach church as a place for people to perform in such a way so we get our preferences and desires satisfied, we have turned it into a brothel. This is why the professor is so strongly adamant that when we come to the “house of God” we come first to listen not speak. Listen first. No requests made. No preferences articulated. So let’s let our words be few and just listen.

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