As a Christian, I believe there are numerous compelling reasons to become a Christian. First, death is real. While we prefer to insulate ourselves from this hard reality, that doesn’t make it go away. By becoming a Christ-follower, however, Easter is a prediction of my future. Christians will live, even though they die (John 11:25-26). Second, Christianity is utterly unique among world religions. It offers its adherents something no other religion does. But there’s another reason why becoming a Christian is worth considering: it can give you rest.

By ‘rest’, I don’t mean you can just kick up your feet for the remainder of your life while throwing back a few Sprecher’s. But rather, becoming a Christian helps put an end to the “rat race.” Let me unpack that.

So much of life is spent pursuing stuff. Many of us pursue careers. Others pursue the advancement of our children through education, sports, extracurriculars, etc. Others are engaged in the pursuit of the ever elusive romantic relationship. Buried underneath these pursuits is a voice that’s asking us a question: “Am I worthwhile? Am I consequential? Am I valuable?” Our pursuits are often motivated by the desire to answer these questions with a resounding “Yes!” But we often fail to convince ourselves of this fact.

By living a perfect life for me and dying the death I should have died, Jesus declares me to be worthwhile, consequential, and valuable. He wouldn’t do all of that for someone who isn’t. By becoming a Christian, you can begin to experience rest from the “rat race” because you no longer need your career or relationships to convince you of your value. Jesus has already done that.

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