The same-sex marriage ruling earlier this summer has been a catalyst for numerous dire predictions about the future of the church and the U.S. I understand that we should mourn when sin is institutionalized. Sin always grieves God’s heart. But I’m not convinced this ruling was a bad thing. Let me explain.

As a Christian, it’s important to view everything through the lens of Scripture. More specifically, it’s critical to view everything through the lens of the gospel. So let’s do that with the same-sex marriage ruling. Walk with me through a thought experiment.

Imagine being one of the disciples standing at the foot of the cross. Over the past three years you have seen Jesus walk on water, calm storms, raise dead people, and heal multitudes. He looked unstoppable. He could snap his fingers and make the Roman empire go away. But now, his blood is puddling at the foot of the cross as the life is slowly draining out of his body. This should never have happened. It’s so messed up. To our eyes, Jesus on a cross looks like a cultural crisis of epic proportions. Yet as Jesus experienced this cultural crisis, he entrusted himself to God: “not my will, but yours be done.” “Into your hands, I commit my spirit.” And three days later and every day since, God has demonstrated time and again why he can be trusted amidst the seemingly most chaotic of human circumstances. The irony of the cross is this: what looked like Satan’s victory, was actually his defeat. On the surface a cultural crisis may appear like a victory for the enemy, but the cross shows us it may actually be his defeat.

Could it be that the same-sex marriage ruling may look like a victory for the enemy, but instead actually be his defeat? I think this may indeed be the case. Check back tomorrow when I explain why we have reason for great hope. 

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