In John 6:1-15, we have the well-known story of Jesus feeding five thousand men (including women and children much more than that). How did he do it? With a little boy’s five small barley wafers and two fish.

This illustrates emphatically what Jesus does with what we bring to the table. We bring the barley wafers and sardines, Jesus feeds ten thousand plus people with leftovers remaining. The man with two Ph.D’s in Biblical Studies brings the same thing to the table as the guy with no Bible degree.

​Of course, Jesus needed the little boy to step forward and offer what little he had. But he did step forward and offer what little he had. That’s the point! Too often we shy away from ministry thinking to ourselves, “I’ll wait until I have a twenty-foot hoagie and ten Atlantic Salmon before I step forward and give anything to Jesus.” Bad theology leads to bad practice. Offer what you have. Jesus will do the rest.

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